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  Welcome to Camp-Inn teardrop travel trailers, the highest quality teardrop camping trailers built today. Camp-Innís vintage styling is reminiscent of teardrop trailers of the 1930ís and 1940ís, but Camp-Inn is a light year step forward in amenities. With air conditioning, LP furnace, stove, sink, sleeping for 2-4 and so much more, no one else offers as many features in such a small travel trailer.

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For over 20 years Camp-Inn has set the standard, far above the competition. Continuous innovation and improvement has kept Camp-Inn the leader in teardrop campers. Over the years, we have had numerous Airstream owners comment, "I wish my Airstream was built as well as a Camp-Inn."

  LOYAL and ENTHUSIASTIC CUSTOMERS: Built in a small town in central Wisconsin, Camp-Inn emphasizes quality above all else. We may not make more teardrops than other manufacturers, but we do make the best teardrop trailers on the market. Donít take our word for it! Go to the Unofficial Camp-Inn Forum , started by one of our enthusiastic customers. Or, if that seems too biased, try the Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers (T&TTT) forum and search ďCamp-InnĒ to see what the teardrop community at large says about us.

  QUALITY ABOVE ALL ELSE: With an aluminum exterior, stainless steel fenders, and an all-birch interior, Camp-Inn has good looks and styling that sets it apart. Our sink, faucet, Ultra lighting and cabinet hardware are all marine grade (The RV grade stuff wasnít close to meeting our quality standards). Polished stainless steel hinges, stainless steel countertops and backsplashes, and chrome-plated brass faucet accent the solid birch plywood cabinetry and body. We wouldnít even think of putting stuff like particle board, melamine, or linoleum in our trailers.

  BUILT TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS: Offering dozens of features and options, Camp-Inn will build your trailer to your exacting specifications. Choose from built-in air conditioning, couch, bunk beds for the kids (or pets), roof fan, TV/DVD, furnace, stainless bumper, stove, sink, side entrance tent, dining table, cooler stand, bike rack, and many more options and features. You can have your trailer built with the bare necessities, or all the bells and whistles. Don't settle for some off-the-lot pre-packaged trailer.

  EASY TOWING: With high and uncertain fuel prices, a Camp-Inn Teardrop or Raindrop can be towed with most passenger cars, mini-vans, and small SUVís. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver in the woods and especially in the heavy traffic on the way to the woods.

  Spend more time enjoying your trips. Easy towing and minimal setup means you get to the campsite with less stress, and can start kicking back, that much sooner.

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Craig Edevold and Cary Winch