560 Classic Raindrop

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560 Classic:
560 Classic Features
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  • The 560 Classic Raindrop is the same great trailer as the
    560 Ultra, just without some of the “bling.”

  • That said…the 560 Classic still has more than enough “Class” to go around. A couch for two and a queen size bed, plus a set of bunk beds for the kids/grandkids or pets sets the Raindrop apart from a standard teardrop trailer.

  • The 560 Classic Raindrop enjoys all the features and options Camp-Inn has become famous for: All-Wood Interior, Stove, Sink, Stainless countertops, Air Conditioning, Bike Rack, Roof Rack, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Fenders, and many, many more.

  • You may find it hard to say “No” to several of the extras, but that’s ok, we will build it with the options you want, nothing more, nothing less. Because of this, rarely are two Camp-Inn’s ever built the same.

  • With a long list of available options and accessories, Camp-Inn can build a 560 Raindrop to match your camping personality.