560 Ultra Raindrop

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560 Ultra:
560 Ultra Features
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  • The 560 Ultra Raindrop is the flagship model of the Camp-Inn family. Adding a couch that converts into bunk beds, the Raindrop goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a teardrop. Enjoy added room to bring the kids or grandkids along, or a comfortable place to read a book on a rainy day. It is hard to believe that it is only 24 inches longer than a 550 Teardrop.

  • For several years, we at Camp-Inn were asked why we didn’t make a 10 foot long teardrop model like other manufacturers. Our response was, “When we find a better reason than making a slightly bigger closet, we will!” Our layout used the available space so efficiently that our 8 foot long models had as much, or more, useable space as most 10 foot models.

  • Then one day, in a flash of inspiration, the “Raindrop” came into being! The extra two feet would add a couch that converted into bunk beds. Both of these were items never before incorporated into a standard teardrop design. Finally, we had found our reason to make a 10 foot long version of a teardrop.

  • At first we were concerned that the unconventional styling might not be accepted by the teardrop community. Even the name “Raindrop” was chosen to differentiate the design from the traditional teardrops while still emphasizing its close relationship. The 560 Raindrop design has really caught on and has become our top selling model.

  • With a long list of available options and accessories, Camp-Inn can build a 560 Raindrop to match your camping personality.